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Rachel Fox Collins

Bio written by James Collins

Rachel Fox Collins is a driven, deeply passionate woman who loves sharing her ideas, inspirations, and emotions through art. Rachel has a love for art rooted in her childhood, littering every house or apartment she has lived in with canvases, sketches, and paint supplies. As a wife and mother of two, she finds time to follow her passion of art during nap times and rare quiet moments around the house.

Rachel draws inspiration from her experiences, friends, and favorite artists. She is notorious for pulling the car over on road trips or disappearing on hikes to take pictures of a scene she finds inspiring. She cares for her family, friends, and community deeply and loves being able to bring joy to those through her art.

Rachel's art can be found publicly around town in Roswell, GA. Her work has been displayed at local establishments such as Fickle Pickle and the East Roswell Library. She also frequently donates art to local charity fundraisers such as the Epilepsy Foundation of Georgia and is known for painting the wall mural found in the Graceland special needs classroom at Mt. Bethel Church.

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