About the Artist

Rachel Collins

Rachel was born and raised in the northern suburbs of Atlanta, GA and currently resides there today with her husband, James, daughter, Lizzie, son, Jamie, and cat, Vincent. Since her childhood days, she has always felt drawn to creativity and the idea of adding beauty to the world through art and self expression. She finds great joy and peace in painting memories or places that are meaningful, especially for other people, and hopes that she can share this passion with you!

The artist’s style can be described as vibrant, happy, and impressionistic. When looking at one of her paintings, she wants the viewer to feel reflective and peaceful by the overall scene and know that it was made with sincerity.

If you would like to translate a place or memory into vibrant art Rachel would love to work with you! Check out the Custom Artwork tab or contact the artist at rachel@thefoxbrush.com to get started!